With the stock market continuing its rebound in early 2024, analysts are pointing to several sectors and individual stocks they see as promising bets for further gains this year.

“We’re very bullish on tech for 2024,” said Michael Smith, lead analyst at Research Co. “Software and semiconductor stocks look especially attractive given declining inflation and a stabilizing economy.” Smith specifically highlighted companies like Microsoft, Nvidia and Micron as strong buys right now.

Jane Wells, senior analyst at Investments Inc., echoed the optimism around tech but also favored healthcare. “An aging population and high demand for new treatments and drugs will drive growth in pharma and biotech stocks like Pfizer and Moderna,” she said.

Some traditional blue-chip stocks also got a thumbs up from analysts. “Apple continues to perform well across segments, and we think the stock could see 25% upside this year,” said Robert Davis, analyst at Davis Capital. He also recommended Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola as defensive plays with steady dividends.

While broadly positive on the current environment, analysts cautioned that geopolitical tensions, inflation spikes or Covid resurgences could dampen the bullish outlook. However, barring major shocks, they believe many sectors and stocks are well-positioned to deliver robust returns in 2024.

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