Mark Mahaney has been covering internet stocks for almost a quarter of a century, witnessing the rise and fall of some of the most influential companies in the digital age. He is now one of the most respected and sought-after analysts in the sector, leading the internet research team at Evercore ISI, a premier investment banking advisory firm.Mahaney’s career as an internet analyst began in the late 1990s, when he joined Morgan Stanley as part of the team that covered Amazon, eBay, Yahoo and other pioneers of the dotcom era.

He quickly gained a reputation for his insightful and independent research, as well as his willingness to challenge the conventional wisdom and the hype.He was one of the first analysts to recognize the potential of Google, initiating coverage of the search giant in 2004 with a buy rating and a $215 price target.

He also foresaw the emergence of social media, e-commerce, online advertising, cloud computing and streaming as key drivers of growth and innovation in the internet industry.Mahaney has been consistently recognized by Institutional Investor for his research, including 17 years as a top three-ranked analyst and five years as a number one-ranked analyst. He has also been named as one of the best stock pickers by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Barron’s and other publications.Mahaney’s success as an analyst is not only based on his deep knowledge of the internet sector, but also on his rigorous and data-driven approach to valuation and forecasting.

He is known for his use of proprietary surveys, metrics and models to assess the performance and prospects of internet companies, as well as his clear and concise communication of his findings and recommendations to clients and investors.Mahaney’s career has not been without challenges and controversies, however. In 2012, he was fired from Citigroup for violating the bank’s disclosure policy, after an email he wrote to a French journalist about Facebook’s IPO was leaked to the public. He was also fined $2m by Massachusetts regulators for his role in the incident.

Mahaney bounced back from the setback, joining RBC Capital Markets as the head of internet research, where he continued to cover some of the most influential and disruptive internet companies, such as Netflix, Spotify, Uber and Airbnb. He also expanded his coverage to include emerging markets, such as China, India and Latin America, where he identified new opportunities and risks for internet investors.

He also said he was excited to lead a team of talented and experienced internet analysts, who share his passion and vision for the sector.Mahaney’s current coverage universe includes some of the most dominant and valuable internet companies in the world, such as Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook, Microsoft, Alibaba and Tencent, as well as some of the most promising and innovative newcomers, such as Shopify, Pinterest, Snap and DoorDash. He also covers some of the most controversial and challenged internet companies, such as Twitter, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Expedia.

Mahaney’s outlook for the internet sector remains bullish, despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, regulatory scrutiny, antitrust investigations and geopolitical tensions. He believes that the internet industry will continue to benefit from secular trends, such as the shift to online consumption, the adoption of digital services, the growth of cloud computing and the emergence of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain.

Mahaney’s long and distinguished career as an internet analyst has given him a unique perspective and insight into the evolution and transformation of the digital economy. He has seen it all, from the dotcom boom and bust, to the rise of the FAANGs, to the emergence of the next generation of internet leaders. He has also helped countless investors and clients navigate the opportunities and risks of investing in the internet sector, providing them with valuable and actionable research and advice.

Mahaney is not only an internet analyst, but also an internet enthusiast. He is an avid user of online services and platforms, such as Twitter, Spotify, Netflix and Airbnb. He is also a former lead bassist for Monkey Funk, a funk-rock band that he formed with his friends in college. He lives in San Francisco with his wife kids.

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