Today, all three tech giants – Tesla ($TSLA), Apple ($AAPL), and Microsoft ($MSFT) – closed in the green, but their technical trajectories show some subtle differences. Let’s dive into their individual performances:


  • Price: $215.22 (up 3.06%)
  • Moving averages: Bullish crossover confirmed with 50-day SMA crossing above 200-day SMA. This indicates sustained upward momentum.
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI): 57.32 (moderately overbought, but still within healthy range).
  • MACD: Bullish signal as MACD line remains above the signal line and the histogram increases.
  • Overall: $TSLA continues its bullish trend with strong momentum indicators. However, the RSI suggests some caution due to potential overbought conditions.


  • Price: $190.45 (up 1.55%)
  • Moving averages: Still in a consolidation phase with both 50-day and 200-day SMAs close together.
  • RSI: 50.44 (neutral territory).
  • MACD: Mixed signals with MACD line fluctuating around the signal line and the histogram slightly positive.
  • Overall: $AAPL remains in a near-neutral zone, awaiting a definitive breakout direction.


  • Price: $349.82 (up 1.22%)
  • Moving averages: Similar to $AAPL, in a consolidation phase with 50-day and 200-day SMAs converging.
  • RSI: 48.57 (slightly oversold, but potentially indicating an entry point).
  • MACD: Bearish signal with MACD line crossing below the signal line and the histogram turning negative.
  • Overall: $MSFT shows technical weakness compared to $TSLA and $AAPL, but the oversold RSI could suggest a potential rebound.


  • Bullish momentum: $TSLA leads the pack with its confirmed bullish crossover and strong MACD signal.
  • Consolidation phase: Both $AAPL and $MSFT are awaiting a clear direction, with converging moving averages.
  • Potential entry point: $MSFT’s slightly oversold RSI could present an opportunity, though the bearish MACD suggests caution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on the overall technical picture while considering individual indicators to inform your investment decisions.
  • Monitor $AAPL and $MSFT for potential breakouts from their consolidation phases.
  • Be aware of $TSLA’s potential for correction due to overbought conditions.


While all three tech giants closed in the green on friday, their technical trajectories reveal distinct narratives:

  • $TSLA: Bullish momentum reigns supreme with bullish crossover and strong MACD. However, potential overbought conditions suggest caution.
  • $AAPL & $MSFT: Both are stuck in a consolidation phase, awaiting a definitive breakout direction. $MSFT’s slight oversold RSI offers a potential entry point, but the bearish MACD warrants caution.

Choosing an investment hinges on your risk tolerance and time horizon:

  • If seeking aggressive growth, $TSLA’s momentum might appeal, but be prepared for potential corrections.
  • For balanced exposure, $AAPL or $MSFT could be options, but watch for their breakout direction before committing.
  • If prioritizing safety, waiting for clearer technical signals in all three stocks might be pruden

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